Our tech.

Dronfies offers a Modular and Customizable drone management solution

Crafted to enable and scale-up drone operations

Take control of your fleet and make operation efficient, safe and compliant.

PortableUTM is an Open Source-based Unmanned Traffic Management System developed following NASA UAS Service Supplier Specification.

A complete suite for design and deploy any kind of missions

Ready to train and integrate new AI models for processing onboard, realtime or backend.

We partner with top base station manufacturers to offer a drone-in-a-box solution


Flexible design that allows easily add modules and custom features


Customizable for end users with the client brand.

World class support

Expert software developers for fast integrating our technology


Designed to comply with Civil Aviation Regulations

UTM Demo

Flight Management Console

Ai Core

Are you ready to take off?

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-Operations maps and dashboard
-Drone registration & User management
-Operation Management (creation, automatic approval, manual approval and modifications)
-Restricted zone management
-Email notification to Civil Aviation Authorities & Users
-Strategic deconfliction
-Real time monitoring & alerts
-Ground station for the integration to the UTM for DJI Drones & Pixhawk. (through internet)
-Compatible GSM trackers
-LoRa trackers for reporting position in low connectivity environments, transmit remoteId
following ASTM standards, range between 80-100 km.
-Business Source License 1.1 https://mariadb.com/bsl11/ for transparent manteinance tion


-Customizable brand and colors
-Mapping, Scouting & Waypoint mission planner
-Android Ground Station
-Web for remote management
-Live video feed
-Automatic safety checks
-Assisted flight for not trained operators.
-Live fleet tracking
-Photo Cloud Synchronization
-UTM integration

We integrate Kybalion Vision for On-board live processing in manifold computer for remote live processing over video stream, Object detection, and couting.

-This framework allows speeding up the development of Computer Vision solutions, offering plug & play modules for connection with video surveillance cameras, execution of different Computer Vision models such as detection and classification of objects, object counting, tracking, evaluation of rules and alerts, visualize key indicators. This tool is also specially designed for the development of solutions with inferences in low-cost devices, a paradigm known as "AI on the Edge". Currently the support reaches Google devices called Coral.
-Cloud & OnPrem & On Edge installation capacity.

-Automatic Battery recharging or battery replacement
-Custom precision landing algorithms
-Meteorological station
-Rain tolerant