Augmented Reality Platform for easily shot and plan stunning aerial footage.

The client

Vermeer is a platform developed by Aerobo, Inc a LA and Brooklyn based company that operates in 30 states of the US and takes aerials for Hollywood movies. The platform allows user design shots in AR, and the platform handles the rest. No need to own a drone or describe the vision of the user to a pilot. Nowadays Vermeer is part of the 2020 class of Techstars.

The challenge

The platform generates a flight plan for DJI Drones. When the client comes to us the generated flight plan makes drone stucks in some points and doesn’t follow the path properly. In consequence, the quality of the shoots wasn’t good enough to be commercially sold.

Our approach

Making the drone following that flight plan smoothly and precisely requires great knowledge of the DJI SDK and the real behavior the drones have in the air. In fact, you need more than that, and making some tricks is needed for getting a great performance. Our team takes previously developed technology of Vermeer and analyze the source code and actual behavior of the drone in different kind of trajectories and wind conditions. Dronfies change the use of the DJI SDK for getting better performance and suggest some changes so overall path generation strategy.


The drone’s flight becomes really smooth and this allows to release of the first productive version of Vermeer.